Signs of Alcohol and/or Drug Abuse

Physical Indicators

1. Presently Impaired
2. Desiring prescription drugs
3. Perspiring/shakes/tachycardia
4. Frequent hospitalizations
5. Frequent falls (evidence of bruises)
6. Dilated pupils
7. Injection marks
8. Weapon wounds (gun shot, knife, etc.)
9. Depression/Suicidal Ideation
10. Diabetes, ulcers, high blood pressure

Ratory Indicators

1. Positive Alcohol/Drug Screen
2. MCV-over 95
3. MCH-High
4. SGOT-High
5. GGT-High
6. Bilirubin-High
7. Triglycerides-High
8. Anemia

Note: It is helpful to be attentive to both alcohol and narcotic usage (as well as certain patient characteristics) since alcohol and drug abuse frequently appear together.