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T Definition

Fast heart rate, a complication of alcohol-triggered cardiomyopathy but can also occur during acute intoxication or withdrawal


Alcohol consumption is a common phenomenon amongst youngsters


A lifelong abstainer; one who never drinks alcoholic beverages

Temperance movement

A social and religious movement which encouraged total abstinence from alcohol drinking; it preceded and followed Prohibition and continues in a more moderate form in some religious circles today.


Is an alcoholic distillate from a fermented mash derived principally from the Agave Tequilana Weber (blue variety), with or without additional fermentable substances, distilled in such a manner that the distillate possesses the taste, aroma, and characteristics generally attributed to Tequila and bottled at not less than 80 deg. proof, and also includes mixtures solely of such distillates. Tequila is a distinctive product of Mexico, manufactured in Mexico in compliance with the laws of Mexico regulating the manufacture of Tequila for consumption in that country (CFR Title 27, Volume 1, Part 5, Subpart C--Standards of Identity for Distilled Spirits).


Collection of true facts related by individuals having a direct or indirect relation with the alcoholic patient.


Conducting tests. The most common test for a quick determination of the presence of alcohol in the blood is the breathalyzer


Vitamin B1, water soluble; there is no danger in administering large amount of water soluble vitamins during alcohol detoxification to prevent peripheral neuropathy and Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome; the vitamin is an important cofactor of different enzymes involved in the conduction of axon and synaptic transmission.


Mildly intoxicated


Smoking. The plant used to produce tobacco cigarettes, contains a dependence inducing drug called nicotine


A state in which an increased dosage of a psychoactive substance is needed to produce a desired effect.


Quality of a substance to be poisonous to the body. Alcohol is toxic to several different organs and systems in the body: Nervous system, cardio-vascular system, digestive system, and liver in particular, skin, fetus in the pregnant woman. See also: Medication, Alcohol Toxicity, Safety.

Traffic school

Educational program through which a drunk driver or another traffic violator has to go in order to restore a clean driving record.


A mood altering drug, which eases anxiety. Often used in the treatment of alcoholic withdrawal.


Enzyme produced in larger amounts by the liver when necrosis occurs. ALT=alanine aminotransferase; AST=aspartate aminotransferase. Elevation of transaminase blood levels reflect hepatocellular injury. Alcohol abuse is one of many possible causes of increased transaminase blood levels.


A common consequence of alcoholism, triggered by accidents occurring in a domestic setting, as well as the workplace or on the road. See also: Fall, Accident, Injury, Work, Alcohol and accidents and Trauma and Chemical Misuse/Dependency, Overview (NIAAA)


Application of planned procedures to identify and change patterns of behavior that are maladaptive, destructive and/or injurious to health; or to restore appropriate levels of physical, psychological and/ or social functioning. There is an array of different treatments currently used to treat alcoholism. See also: Psychotherapy, Medication, Naltrexone, Disulfiram, Relapse, Abstinence, National Drug and Treatment Routing Service

Treatment center

Facility dedicated to the treament of disease. Hospital or clinic where in-patient care, or treatment is administered. See also: Betty Ford, In-patient, Clinic

Twelve steps

12-step. Describes a fellowship of recovery supported by other individuals with the same disease. The program is broken down in 12 major steps that an alcoholic has to go through in order to quit drinking in a durable manner.

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